We couldn’t have dreamed of a better end to the tour!

Thanks to everyone who came to the 10th Progressive Rock Festival Baszta ProgFest and for giving us so much energy for further work 💪🤘🥰 Congratulations to the organizers for this great event!

And Wrocław was just pure pleasure 🤘🤘

We are also excited that we ended this year in such a good company, because we have to admit that the musical level was so good that it was a bit scary to go on stage 💪💪

Big shout out to all the bands we played with this tour:

  • Pinn Dropp
  • Metafox
  • Fairies
  • Sunsmoke
  • Fren
  • Arcadnis
  • HellHaven
  • Distant Dream
  • My Secret Haven
  • ATME 🤘🤘🤘

Now we’re going to work on a new music, so get ready!

Photo by Tomasz Słomski 📷💪

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