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Jakub Qba Łukowski

Tell us about your musical background

It all started with playing the guitar. Like so many, the first thing I played was the introduction to “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, which I figured out by myself. I got hooked. However, I quickly switched to drums because I just loved to punch everything (teachers would go crazy at me in class). Plus, when I talked to my mate that we wanted to play doom metal, it turned out we needed a drummer. Schema was my first band, which became a testing ground and a music school at the same time. We played doom metal not only for the love of it, but because it’s easier to play slow things.

Rockabilly and a band called The Surfstones became the next step in my musical career. I had to change instrument again because there was no one else, this time, to play the bass. We were one of the first bands in Poland to play classic rockabilly with a touch of surf. After a few years, the musicians travelled off to far corners of the world and I returned to playing doom metal. We reactivated Schema and, wanting to develop, started looking for a second guitarist. A young guy named Tomek appeared at one of the auditions. Gifted, shy and full of good ideas. As Schema also became a testing ground for him, it didn’t take him long to start creating other music. This is how the Pale Mannequin project came about. It was all him solo at the beginning (a great album from 2016, which unfortunately you will not hear through official channels), which later developed into a full band with the album Patterns in Parallel.

But with all this, I love funk and I try to squeeze it in everywhere I can!

What are your musical inspirations?

Today I can definitely say that my inspirations are African American music: funk, soul, jazz, rhythm’n’blues and blues. In addition, heavy metal as from Vader, through My Dying Bride to early Anathema, from which I started my playing, and ending with classical and alternative music. I believe that any music has the potential to be great if it is made with passion and by good musicians. This makes it valuable for drawing inspiration from it.

Who are your favourite artists and records?

Oh Lord! I don’t think I can name my favorite band, but when it comes to artists, Herbie Hancock will definitely be in the lead. I don’t know what’s going on, but his music always hits me. No matter from which period, whether classic jazz or fusion, not to mention his funky stuff.

When it comes to albums, I will mention a few from completely different genres:

Sigur Rós – Valtari (2012)

Bill Withers – Still Bill (1972)

Anathema – Judgment (1999)

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – How Big Can You Get? (2009)

Coldplay – Parachutes (2000)

Herbie Hancock – Headhunters (1973)

The Cinematic Orchestra – Ma Fleur (2007)

The Isley Brothers – Givin ‘it Back (1971)

Jarecki – Za wysoko (2017)

Why did you pick your instrument?

I have already answered this. I have always knocked on furniture. In class at school, at home. When it turned out that there was access to percussion at the Dorożkarnia Arts Centre where I attended some classes, there was no turning back…

How do you spend your spare time?

In my spare time I read books and watch TV shows 😉 I also dance, but that’s a completely different story. Above all, I promote funk through Warszawski Funk.

What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Once upon a time Żołądkowa Gorzka (a type of flavoured vodka) released a special one on bison grass! It was available for one season, I think, but it was phenomenal … I remember I was at a camp then and we bought all the bottles that were in the town of Świdnica. 🙂