It is not easy to break out of the depths of everyday life, routine, passing time and mediocrity. It’s not enough just to really want something. The whirlwind of mundane matters always drags you down. And when DEEP (TOŃ) surrounds you, all you have to do is reach even lower and bounce off the bottom.

And then, when you look around, you’ll see fragments of pale mannequins around to help you ascend. Their singing will show you the way.

This is how Pale Mannequin’s third album sounds like.

Recorded in the cult Izabelin Studio under the watchful ear of Andrzej Puczyński, it more and more boldly goes beyond the framework of the prog-rock climate and for the first time indulges in the maxim “Poles are not geese that they have their own language”.

The album TOŃ makes a sharp turn towards energetic and concert music. Since the Warsaw band feels best on stage, it was this energy that they wanted to convey on the album. Changing the language of the lyrics to Polish makes the new music much more personal than previous albums. And although musically it is very rock, the lyrical layer has remained typically dark.


  1. Dzień bez marzeń
  2. Ty tam, to ja
  3. Naspojrzenie
  4. Toń

Toń was recorded between 02/2022 and 07/2022 at Izabelin Studio, Poland
Mixed & Mastered by Andrzej Puczyński

Lyrics and music by Tomasz Izdebski & Grzegorz Mazur

Recorded by:
Tomasz Izdebski (Vocals, Guitars, Synths)
Grzegorz Mazur (Vocals, Guitars)
Jakub Łukowski (Drums)
Dariusz Goc (Bass)

Photoshoot by Karol Duma
Art and layout by Mateusz Twardoch

Label: Prog Metal Rock Promotion

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